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Create abundance and financial wellbeing using a
holistic approach rooted in your body's wisdom and
The Spiritual Laws of Money.

A lot of people struggle with symptoms of money wounds and they don’t even realize it.

Maybe you thought all you needed was more money and an abundance mindset... but you have found that even as a smart, high-achieving, go-getter, you are still stuck with:

  • Money Anxiety.

  • Money Shame. 

  • Emotional, or Impulsive Spending that feels impossible to stop. 

  • Debt Cycles.

  • No Savings.

  • A Scarcity Mindset- no matter how much you have or earn!

  • Negative or Catastrophic Money Beliefs.

  • Fear of Spending Money OVER-saving (Yes, this could be quite problematic!)

  • Avoiding Your Financial Situations.

  • Obsessing Over Your Finances. 

  • Underearning.

  • Overgiving your time and energy to others.

Nadine did an amazing job helping me organize my finances after a really

rough year of student loans and medical bills. I tend to over-complicate my budget and then get exhausted and give up, but Nadine was able to help me create a budget that both meets my organization needs AND is sustainable. She also helped me to be able to put money aside for my wants while still working to pay off my debt. That's not something I thought I would ever be able to do!

Krissy O.

And if you are feeling heavy and burdened by your relationship with money, even after attending countless courses, trying budgeting, EFT, manifestation, meditation,
somatic healing, and therapy... YET nothing seems to be working...
You still find yourself cycling back into feeling scarcity, fear, and frustration about your finances... 
Please Do Not Despair ... I actually have some answers for you!


How you feel and how you behave with money are SYMPTOMS of Money Wounds.


Money Wounds are the financial manifestation of your unresolved core childhood wounds that impacted your sense of safety, love, and self-worth.

Your money wounds are not in your mind, they are stored in your body and nervous system.

Your nervous system regulates every part of your life, including your thoughts and beliefs.


Generally, Money Wounds can stem from any event that impacted you emotionally as a child.


Such as:

  • Feeling shamed in childhood.

  • Being bullied at school. 

  • Experiencing financial difficulties and traumas. 

  • Physical, sexual, or emotional trauma.

  • Taking on a lot of responsibilities as a child. 

  • Your Attachment wounds.

  • Not receiving love and positive attention unless you perform (get good grades, help with chores, excel at basketball).

  • Witnessing abuse done to others.

  • Experiencing wars, and other geo-political circumstances. 

  • Systemic Trauma.


Any childhood wounding that impacted your sense of safety, belonging and wellbeing will have a ripple effect on your finances if they are not healed.



ALSO...  💰💰💰

Our Financial System and the do-till-you-die societal expectations are a big cause of our personal Money Trauma! 


The current financial systems that are being taught by "financial gurusand manifestation "experts" can easily retrigger your trauma, which can cause you to go backward in your finances, instead of forwards….


Have you ever gone on a budget, or tried to manifest a sum of money only to find yourself worst off?! 


Me too!! 


This is why I developed financial systems that are safe and trauma-informed, drawing from my experience in accounting, financial coaching, and behavioral finance as well as my certifications in The Trauma of Money Method and Functional Somatics. 

During my time working with Nadine, I paid off $55,000 in debt!

But my biggest takeaway would be coming home to myself, leaning into who I am, what my heart and soul want to do, and trusting who I am and what I came here to do. I let go of toxic relationships, opened up to healing my inner child, and how my past trauma was having an effect on my life and my relationship with money.
My money mindset has completely shifted. I went from obsessing, stressing, and worrying about money to appreciating and valuing it for what it is. I have a healthier relationship with money now. 

Chelidha, 1:1 Client

Fun fact: Current and previous clients and students of my programs include: mental health professionals, CPAs, software engineers, homemakers, wellness coaches, marketing executives, chemists, actors, artists, musicians, teachers, Women’s Health experts, massage therapists, lawyers, writers, and even accountants!  

Having the experience of living in many different countries gives me wider cultural awareness and to serve clients from all over the world and all walks of life! 

I have also had the pleasure of helping students from Canada, France, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Australia, NZ, Thailand, and the US!

You are all welcome! 


Meet Nadine Zumot

Functional Somatic Practitioner, Certified Money Coach CMC ®️, Financial Coach, and Trauma of Money Certified Practitioner. 

Hello! I'm Nadine! I help impactful healers self- motivated leaders step into their authenticity and embrace their abundant, "FUCK YEAH" life 🚀 using my 3-Phase Holistic Money Healing Method: Heal, Empower, Manifest. 


My approach to money and finances is holistic and trauma-informed.

I help you go deep into your subconscious using a unique set of modalities, such as somatic experiencing, nervous system healing and repair, polyvagal theory, inner child healing, and archetypal work, blended with my expertise in personal and behavioral finance. My purpose is to teach you how to dissolve your money wounds so you become UN-FREAKIN'-STOPPABLE!


You can start your healing adventure today for FREE by diving into my Podcast! 
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Glam Shot Scene 2-5_edited.jpg

Learn how to build financial stability and create fulfilling abundance through my Holistic Money Healing Method. 


1- Understand your Money Wounds and how they’ve impacted your life, your emotions, your relationships and your finances.


2- Cultivate the skills to reclaim your self worth heal your Scarcity Wounds, and regulate your emotions to step into self leadership and become the captain of your own ship. 


3- Get support, co-regulation and connection from real people who are walking on the same path through joining an online community off of social media as you integrate your money wounds and step into your next level of abundance. 


4- Create the life you desire through learning  holistic manifestation and harnessing your divine connection with your authentic self leadership, in co creation with the Universe. 

CFA is a 6-month healing adventure, designed to take you from scarcity and financial frustration to abundance, financial confidence, and a sense of peace and empowerment, living your best "Fuck Yeah" life!





As featured in:
The Accrescent Podcast
The Inner Child Podcast 
The Empowered Curiosity Podcast

“Nadine is like an X-ray machine! She focuses on me and never coaches me from a “formula” perspective, everything is totally personalized. She has helped me improve my relationship with money, health, my physical environment, and my whole life, everything! Working with Nadine as my coach has been a great investment for me. It changed my life!”

-Alicia Lizarraga 1:1 Client

Wondering how you can work with me to heal your Money Wounds?

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