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Take a moment to go on a little journey with me…

It’s 6 months from today,

And you are looking back in AWE at how confident and abundant you feel about your finances...


You have true financial freedom. 


 💰 Your ducks are in a row...


 🍹You take all the time off that you need...


🌺 🏖️You book your dream trips...


 🏡 You are saving up for everything your Soul desires- your dream property, a new laptop, a car upgrade...


 💵 You have systems that excite you for your personal and business finances. Hell, you're even saving for retirement! 


 💫 You confidently co-create and manifest your Fuck Yeah Life ON REPEAT! 🥳


And the best thing?



… you feel so turned on by life, you are the most creative and impactful you’ve ever been!


You have the creative space and peace of mind to really BE THERE for your family, your friends, and your clients. 


You are truly present, and your joyful energy is a MAGNETIC!


Everyone wants to be around you. 


You feel ABUNDANT in every way!


All the shame, anxiety, overwhelm, scarcity, limiting beliefs and frustration, you used to have around money? 




A distant memory!


You feel sooooo unshakably ABUNDANT!





“Too good to be true” does not exist in my world.


Especially when it comes to feeling worthy, abundant, and financially secure. 





Create Fulfilling Abundance

A 6-month healing journey to take you from scarcity and financial frustration to abundance, financial confidence, and a sense of peace and empowerment, living your best "Fuck Yeah" Life!


My aim for the program was to heal my money wounds, mainly scarcity. And boom 🤯 


It has transformed my life immensely. Money used to play the role of safety and security for me. When Nadine referred to safety coming from within, I just didn’t get it. Now I do!


This program helped me connect my body, mind and soul to a deeper level. The healing process was profound, and I went all in. 


I healed my shame with debt. I shifted my choosing ways from how much I have to what my Soul desires and deserves. I got at peace with money, and I’m certain it’ll continue to flow. 


Thank you, Nadine, for giving it all. For showing your passion, love and wisdom of your Soul purpose in such a fucking magical way. 🙏💜


Hey there!
I’m Nadine Zumot


you might know me as the host of

The Money Healing Podcast.

I am also a Body Sense Functional Somatic Practitioner and Certified Money Coach CMC ®️, 

Trauma of Money Certified Practitioner, and an Accredited Holistic Medicine Practitioner IPHM

I also have a money story...

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Back when I started my money-healing journey, I felt 



Furious at myself for investing in yet another program

I thought I was the problem...


What I later found out was that these programs, coaches, therapists, etc didn’t ask me the right questions simply because they’ve never been in my shoes, they’ve never experienced the scarcity wounds in the way that I had.


I was born in the Middle East in the early 80s,  with wars breaking out from every which way. Scarcity and fear were everywhere. 


At home, Dad’s love language came in the form of punishments, fists and insults as it was his duty and purpose to break my free spirit and turn me into an obedient Arab girl. 


That didn’t work, but it left me with a deep wounds and a belief that I was bad, that I was worthless. I was a child then who didn’t know any better but to believe her father. 

Life got worse for me at home as a teenager. My rebellious streak and my desire to be seen, heard and understood was too much for him. He micromanaged and controlled my every move. My life was hell. 




At 24 years old, I had enough. By a miracle, and with my mum’s help, I finally broke free. I left Jordan and moved to Melbourne, Australia all on my own.


It was a massive adjustment being so far away from everything and everyone I ever knew. But was the best thing I ever did for myself. 


I was finally free.


But this one thing kept haunting me, bringing me down, oppressing and restricting my free spirit.



More precisely, my beliefs about MONEY.
It controlled me, dictated my moods, sense of worth, freedom, how I moved in the world, and what I said yes to. 

Spend it, or save it, it all felt the same. 

It felt heavy and gross and so scary.

It was like my safety was out of my control. 




Like many of you, I believed that making more money was the answer. 


It wasn’t.


More money only meant more of it to control how worthy or happy I felt. My sense of wellbeing went up when money came in, and down as money went out.


This was not the life I wanted for myself. 


I never ever want to feel controlled and anxious again like I did back home. 


This money mindset was not conducive to the vision of freedom and liberty I wanted for myself as a child and teen. 


I craved freedom. 

Delicious Freedom that came from inside of me. I needed to be liberated from my beliefs that scarcity was the norm, and that “people like me” were unworthy of security, abundance, and prosperity. 


Changing my beliefs as per manifestation coaches and programs felt insulting to the deep core wounds that made me feel abandoned and insecure. 


And I remember after an especially pricy money program I felt my heart fall from disappointment. I felt frustrated, defeated, so so alone, and so sooo angry! 


And that’s when I heard her. 


My inner child. My precious inner 4 year old. 


And that’s when I knew that she was the way to the security, freedom, and abundance my Soul craved.


The transformation was going to happen through honoring her, honoring her wounds and her story, and not through bypassing her truth and forcing myself to take on some positive affirmations that bypassed my money story. 


So down the rabbit hole of trauma healing, I went.

All in all, my healing journey took about 10 years and around $60,000 but here I am! I am debt-free, and an abundant AF 6-figure business owner. 


Living my "Fuck Yeah" Dream life out in the New Mexican desert, I spend most of my days outdoors hiking with my little family and doing things that enrich my Soul. I have close friends all over the world, I travel once a month, I’ve lived in many countries, speak 3 languages, and accumulated 3 passports lol.


I am a Certified Money Coach ®️, Financial Coach, and a Trauma of Money Practitioner, but most importantly, I am your biggest cheerleader!


I conspire with your Higher Self and offer 3D help and support to make your dreams come true, no matter how big and bold. Yes, even if you have multiple goals on the go all at once (Hello! Manifesting Generators! 🙋🏻‍♀️)


I will help you plan and dissolve all the emotional obstacles that may stand in the way.


I want you to look back on your life when you’re 143 years old and say "Daaaang I was unstoppable!!!"


In CFA, I'll share everything I have learned to help you create fulfilling abundance (without tired manifestation formulas and restrictive budgets) through the power of holistic money healing.

This holistic healing journey runs for 6 months and it includes:


➡️  My full three-phase (and 35 modules) Money Healing Blueprint- curriculum outlined below


➡️  Workbooks, journaling prompts, and meditations that go along with the recorded lessons.


➡️  Live group coaching calls- (90 min long), three times per month with Coach Nadine where you can ask questions, get support, elevate, and heal within community.


➡️  A loving community to receive support, share wins, and celebrate your progress. 

➡️  Access to all recorded materials and community via an app you can access both on your desktop and your phone on the go!


➡️ Hours of bonus recorded material on creativity, building better boundaries, bookkeeping, and more which will be added.  


This experience will help you…

  • Feel REALLY F*CKING secure with receiving, spending and saving money. Bye-Bye Scarcity Hello Abundance!


  • Get (and stay) out of debt, even if you have been stuck in debt cycles for years. Dissolve all the heavy energy around your debt, release debt shame and embrace a truly aligned debt payoff plan that allows you to do both- pay it off AND enjoy life!


  • Learn a fun financial system that will make it oh-so-easy to meet your goals. 

  • View your big financial goals less like overwhelming obstacles, and more as the birthplace of a deeper intimacy with yourself and your healing journey. 

  • Embrace a life where you have the freedom to make your audacious dreams come true- Buy your dream property, book vacations on a whim, take a month (or three) off, save for your future and start a business while gallivanting across Asia!


  • Deepen the relationship you have with your body and intuition so that you make decisions (financial and otherwise) from a place of confidence and emotional regulation, removing any guilt, shame and regret about your choices. 


  • Become an Empowered Money Magician, living so deliciously, saying a big fat “Fuck Yeah” to what lights your Soul on fire, and feeling confident in your relationship with the Universe, and powerful in your abilities as manifestor and creator.


Here's a glimpse of the curriculum:

Money Healing 101 Program

  • Intro to Nervous System + Emotional Regulation for Abundance

  • Meet Your Money Archetypes

  • What’s Your Money Attachment Style

  • WTF are Money Wounds?!

  • Setting Your Money System


Phase I. HEAL

  • Connecting with Your Emotions 

  • Emotional Triggers and Money Trauma

  • Feel Your Feelings

  • Your Money Beliefs

  • Your Money Story + Core Money Wounds

  • Healing Through The 8 Money Archetypes

  • Inner Child Healing and Financial Reparenting. 

  • Meet Your Inner Manifestor.

  • Healing Your Inner Critic 

  • The Triple R Approach to Healing

  • Manifesting from Abundance, not Wounds.

  • Emotional Regulation Through The Change Triangle. 

Phase II. Empower 

  • Refining Your Financial Systems

  • Build Your E-Fund + Thrive Number

  • Life Purpose + Values

  • Build Healthy Money Boundaries

  • Healing Debt Shame + Debt Payoff.

  • Create Credit Card Confidence

  • Quarterly Financial Snapshot + Your Life Assets

  • Build An Excellent Credit Score

  • Saving for Retirement.


Phase III. Manifest

  • The Law of Giving and Receiving 

  •  The Law of Receiving Money

  • Practicing Non- Attachment 

  • Life Purpose In Action

  • Leading from Your Most Authentic Energy

  • Navigating Uncertainty 

  • The Ebb and Flow of Money

  • Expanding Receivership

  • So… How Do We *actually* Manifest?

CFA 2.png

Got questions? I got answers! 😘 Head over to the FAQs page here


CFA is a groundbreaker, Nadine. Seriously. It has changed my life ❤️

My bank accounts look so, so different after CFA-more importantly, they FEEL safe for the first time in my life.

That's ironic, given that I'd always felt that they were the source of my safety and independence in the past, when what they felt like were my tormentors! There's flow to my money rather than it feeling like a trap.



CFA is an Unequivocal 10!


The healing groundwork is really what sealed this for me, right at the beginning. Knowing how the nervous system could be NURTURED, in combination with the inner child and archetype work was such a life-altering way for me to heal my money wounds. I knew my relationship was super unhealthy ( was completely fucked up!), but having this framework to help me work through things was worth tens of thousands of dollars worth of therapy! This is something that already has but will also continue to drastically influence my life.

-A. M.

Copy of 1-to-many MAGIC Client Testimonial Graphics.png

I absolutely loved my time in CFA. I deepened my relationship with myself, my inner child, and money; and built a community with like-minded people.

I would encourage people who are willing to do the work and who want to grow to embark on their own CFA journey!

- Abie I.

Create Fulfilling Abundance isn’t just a group program, it’s a deeply healing experience that is purposely planned to help you step into that abundant, FUCK YEAH life that you are meant for!


Take a moment to imagine how it would feel to be able to afford all your big dreams, and take action, and follow your intuition no matter where it takes you because you have financial systems in place that can afford you to do the #adulting AND be spontaneous and whimsical!


And imagine having an intuitive nudge to book a flight to Italy ✈️, you don’t know why but you just know you HAVE to go, so you do simply because your Soul is nudging you to.



Feel the sensation of relief, ease and even JOY (!) while paying your bills, saving money for your big dreams. Feel this visceral trust deep in your nervous system in your ability to call in more abundance than ever before, you become so deliciously generous and giving, you tip 100% of the restaurant bill because it feels so yummy for you to do so.


This outcome is not a fantasy.


It can be your inevitable reality!


Want to speed up this reality manifesting and snap it into your now?

Then CFA is most definitely for you!!

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