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Sometimes, aspects of your personality can block you from achieving your goals. 


You know how if, for example, you want to become a world-known public speaker, yet you are so shy?


Or if you want to become a circus acrobat, yet you are terrified of heights?


Your money personality might be doing the exact same thing!!


If you keep setting these amazing financial goals, only to find yourself on a continuous hamster wheel of spending and accumulating debt, or if you want to finally become courageous enough to whip out some fund from your savings to invest money in your growth, and yet you are overcome with paralyzing fear....

if you keep cycling back to where you don’t want to be, then your Money Personality might be blocking you!


No shame in that. The great news is that your money personality it not set in stone! 

You can most certainly work on resolving, and healing that block! 


To change we need to first become aware of what aspects of our money personality is blocking us, how it is blocking us, so we can create an effective transformation and not just a superficial change. We have to go to the roots!


Believe it or not, your Money Personality was formed between the ages of 2 and 12! 

Your beliefs about money, abundance, and finances were cemented in your psyche as you absorbed lessons from your caregivers, culture, environment, and even your own experiences growing up. 

Your Money Personality can be summarized using the language of Archetypes. 


And through the language of money archetypes, this Money Personality Quiz will help you uncover your deep, subconscious beliefs about money, and will offer you insight into why you behave the way you do when it comes to your financial habits. 

If you are interested in learning more on how your specific Money Archetypes are blocking you, then you have a few options:

"Sometimes we need somebody else to provide us with an outside view of the patterns we play out in relation to our money archetypes and to gain the understanding of how we archetypes are there to protect us. We can’t always see our own wounds clearly, especially if they come from our childhood and other people in our family are still playing them out and telling us they are normal. Nadine has the intuition and knowledge to see where my money wounds were coming from, and that money wounds are there to protect me, and she was able to give me advice on where to start to work on them and embrace them rather than run from them, which already brings me more peace in relation to money."

- Rebecca

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