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but ...

You continue to feel financially anxious?

You cycle between hoarding money and mindless spending?

You stifle your dreams because they feel big and expensive?

You freak out about making the “wrong” decisions when it comes to money?

You feel like no matter how hard you work, you will never earn enough to live comfortably and do what you REALLY want to do with your life?

is a 1:1 coaching experience designed to help mindful and creative individuals heal their relationship with moneyThis is achieved through addressing core money wounds so they can break free from feeling blocked, and start embodying the life they really want.

Unblocking Abundance

On this Journey, your coach Nadine will guide you to:

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Do Nadine’s Signature Money Assessment Process.

Your current money situation is the physical manifestation of your money blocks. Looking at this shows us where the root of your anxiety is living, so we can get right to the heart of the matter.

Together we will take a look at where you are now and where you want to be in four months. We will also look at your numbers and spending habits, and you will receive a financial realignment for structure and clarity, custom tailored to what actually works for you.

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Do a Values Assessment Purpose Map

That brings forward the deep purpose of your soul while living as a human embodied in form who has to make money.

This acts as a compass helping you overcome indecision, so you can make changes based on what really matters to you vs what you’re “supposed to do”.

The Values Assessment Purpose Map ultimately helps you bust out of the box and create a life rooted in freedom, fulfillment, and abundance on your own terms.

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Create your Money Bio

Which reveals the core money shadow archetypes that keep you looping in anxiety. Witnessing your story objectively and consciously with my help and guidance will help you become more aware of your core money blocks and the roots of these money blocks. 

While this exercise dives deep and takes time on your part, it will save you years of searching through personal development and talk therapy. Nadine, the shadow whisperer, will review your Money Bio and use her intuitive gifts and x-ray vision to identify your shadows at their roots, so you can heal them.

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Shift the shadows revealed in the Money Bio

So they’re no longer controlling you from your subconscious. Through Nadine’s non-judgmental approach combining archetypes and parts work, nervous system healing, intuitive channeling, inner child work, and life and financial coaching, you will realize your own power to heal, break the patterns that no longer serve you, and step further into your purpose.

This goes beyond strategy and mindset work because it helps you heal and integrate from a holistic perspective rather than from just logic. This is an actual transformation in your brain-body connection, not just a superficial change from adopting a framework that doesn’t actually work for you.

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Access the Money Sanctuary membership for six months.

You will get Nadine’s approach to the bucket system that helps you budget according to your unique desires and needs. You’ll also receive access to on-demand workshops and live group coaching sessions that help you with your financial organization and creating better life alignment. This also helps make the journey easier, as you’re accompanied by others who are walking through the same transformation.

If money holds you back from embodying your Purpose, I can help you find FREEDOM

The Holistic Money Healing Journey includes:

  • Customised 1:1 support that is designed just for you. I don't believe in a one size fits all when it comes to healing our money blocks. All sessions conducted via Zoom. You will receove all call recordings. 

  • A Value Based Spending workbook that you can use for your own annual assessment.

  • An optional budget review.

  • Exercises and homework that will invite you to dive deep to retrieve the origins of your subconscious patterns around money, this is to facilitate your healing process, saving you years of searching through personal development and talk therapy.

  • A workbook where all the exercises are held. This will be yours to work on even after our container ends.

  • Access to me via Voxer or Whatsapp instant messenger in between sessions when needed. 

  • Access to my online community, The Money Sanctuary. 

The investment in this program is $6,400 if you opt for the 6 month journey, or $4,800 if you prefer the 4 month journey. Payment plans are available.

The Journey starts with a quick application form to see if we’re a good fit.
You will then be invited to book a free discovery call with Nadine to answer any questions about the program.

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Before you apply, please note that this is NOT for people who:

  • Just want to build wealth so they can afford nice things. Though nice things are fun, this is a holistic journey designed for those who want to heal childhood wounds, find deeper fulfilment,  and embody their Life's Purpose.

  • Don’t want to go deep.

  • Just want to pay off debt and not heal the reasons why they got into debt.

  • Want a surface level solution or a bandaid.

  • Want someone else to do the work for them.

  • Are not ambitious to change the world and create their own impact.

  • Poo-poo meditation and energy.



Money wounds are rooted deep in decades of reinforcement. Healing them can take time.


On our initial journey together, we will lay the foundations for healing these money wounds. Based on your history, you may require additional 1:1 support to experience big shifts.


There is an option to continue receiving support focused specifically on healing the core wounds we identified during the Holistic Money Healing Journey.

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Interested but not sure yet?

Then I invite you book a 1:1 Money Archetype session with me. 


In this 45 minute session, I will be able help you identify the money blocks keeping you stuck by using your Money Archetype Quiz results.

You will also receive intuitive guidance & coaching through some of your money blocks & limiting beliefs, with an action plan delivered verbally.