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My approach is to create clarity around the topic of personal finance and build financial resilience to use money as a tool to propel us forward in life.

Building financial security so we clear the way for topics of more importance such as our dreams, our values and our purpose in life.

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It was in August 2015, I went on a holiday from Melbourne to the US. The precise moment was when I first set foot in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. In that particular moment, I recall that everything and nothing made sense to me anymore. The smells, the sights and sounds of New Orleans made everything else I experienced in my life to feel so mundane, so colourless, flavourless. I remember thinking to myself, is this all there is to life? We work our asses off, use the money we make to pay bills and then go and work our asses off again?


I struggled with the meaning of life, my life. What was my purpose? Surely I wasn't born to fulfill this cycle of consume, work repeat? I was sure I had a different purpose to that. I was sure I wasn't born to live a monotonous life. There was so much to see, learn and experience and after a period of confusion, depression and frustration I set out to go find my purpose. At least one of my purposes would be a good start. My gut told me to start in New Orleans.


For the life of me, until this very day, I cannot explain this strong pull I felt towards New Orleans. It was a great, fun and vibrant city but I was being pulled towards it in such a way I was not able to ignore. So my mission became to go back there as soon as I can and stay there for as long as I could afford to. Which brought me to the second phase of my plan: save as much money as I can.

I began selling the things I never used. Making a bit of money was so encouraging it built momentum. I revisited my budget, I found that so many of my spending categories belonged to old Nadine, new Nadine wanted to live life based on values. I began cutting the things that no longer made sense to me and no longer served me out of my budget.

money coach

My goal was to align my spending with my values, this was my way of stepping out of the hamster wheel.

In this process, I started noticing the people around me, the way they spoke about money, the mindless spending, the feeling of never getting ahead, and I was inspired to teach these people what I have learned: build a spending plan that suits your life, build a solid financial foundation and peace of mind and then focus on your growth. Focus on personal development, building wealth, travel, art, the things that enrich your soul as opposed to the things that will end up in landfill. This is where my journey as a financial coach began. 

I taught with Laneway Learning in Melbourne, and I have since helped so many friends get their financial ducks in a row. The transformation my friends went through after our sessions was my inspiration to go get certified as a financial coach so I can officially help as many people as I can get ahead and live a fulfilling and meaningful life that they love and are very excited about. 


I grew up in Jordan, traveled the world and I currently reside in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico.


I first discovered my passion for this type of work when I felt stuck in life and needed to step out of the hamster wheel, so I designed a strategy that helped me step out of the mundane, safely. A lot of the people around me were curious about how that was achievable, so I decided to help as many people as possible get unstuck from the rut. I received my certification as a Financial Coach and began teaching my methods in workshops and one on one clients. 

Now I am thankful to say that by following my wealth-building strategies, I was able to save $26,000.00 in 8 months back in 2016, which enabled me to follow my dream and travel back to New Orleans! Coincidentally, on this particular trip,  I fell in love and married my soulmate, Thomas! 

I have been following my wealth building, value based money strategies and I am happy to report that I have been able to experience financial peace of mind which enabled me to use my intellectual and emotional space to take on issues of greater importance and follow my passions such as creating Save a Million Cents, where I help people like you build a better, more empowered relationship with money! 



Financial coach

And I would love to help you achieve financial freedom so you can follow your passions and live the life of your dreams.

Schedule a free intro chat by clicking on this link, I can’t wait to hear from you! 

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