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Hey there!
I’m Nadine Zumot


I busted free from financial anxiety & an oppressive culture to create my own rules and make good money while living my Soul’s purpose!

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I was born in Jordan in the ‘80’s, scarcity was everywhere around us, and I felt like I was suffocating for the first 23 years of my life, with no safe space for my soul’s expression.


At home, money was the carrot and the stick, and my childhood conditioning believed the stories that money was synonymous with love.



Money was used as a way to control me, and it was something I was always afraid of.


At 23, I busted out of Jordan for good and moved to Melbourne, Australia, without knowing anyone, having a job, or knowing how I would survive on my own.




From there I traveled the world and lived my life 100% led by whatever my soul wanted, my love for music, and my love for life. 


I followed my passions and my soul’s hunches, and from that I learned how to befriend money.

Having worked in finance and accounting for most of my life, I was fluent in traditional financial practices like budgeting, and I was an expert at saving money.

Yet even as I was debt-free and making the best money of my life in a job I loved, I had financial anxiety and a constant feeling of scarcity.

The more money I saved, the more anxiety & scarcity I felt.

I was nickel and diming myself, I felt guilty spending money on wants and not just needs, I was buying the lowest quality produce, and I believed that all it took to be good with money was saving it!

As a money nerd, I started uncovering the root causes of financial behaviors and our money blocks. 

Money blocks are what hold people back from enjoying money, feeling financially secure, and fulfilling their life’s purpose. I wanted to heal my own money blocks, so I could stop feeling so anxious and truly feel freedom. 

Everything I was finding online just barely scratched the surface- it only talked about "money mindset work", which was not enough and felt very incomplete to me, 

and this is why I got my Money Coaching & Trauma of Money certificates and created

my LLC, Save A Million Cents, along with & The Money Sanctuary, my digital course and online community, and my latest baby, Beyond the Fear Podcast



My mission was to help others heal from the stuckness and stickiness of financial anxiety and scarcity, so they too, can experience life to the fullest! 


A while ago, through a book called Money Magic by Deborah Price, I learned about The Eight Money Archetypes, which provided so much insight behind the WHY behind our financial behaviours. I loved this method so much that I soon went through extensive training to become a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®️ and started using The Eight Money Archetypes!  

Curious about your subconscious money habits & beliefs?

Do the Money Archetype Quiz!

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Diving into Money Archetypes as a way to better understand my financial behaviours and my own blocks around money led me yet another down the rabbit hole of 

Inner Child Healing & The Nervous System


It became apparent to me that inner child healing is essential to true financial freedom.

Furthermore, I discovered that healing money blocks at a nervous system level is what actually heals the root cause of financial anxiety, scarcity mentality, and feeling blocked from your purpose.


Financial security is both an inside game and an outside strategy. 

That’s why just making a lot of money doesn’t set you free, heal your anxiety, make you feel how you hoped you’d feel, or bring you inner security.

And what else I found is this beautiful, wondrous thing: 
Healing & integrating your childhood trauma will 
reveal your Life's Purpose! 

If you want to better understand your money behaviors and beliefs, as well as receive coaching and guidance on your next steps for healing your unique money blocks, book a 1:1 Clarity Call where I will hold non-judgemental space for you as we talk about what’s at the root of your money stuff.


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Let's stay connected! 

And you can sign up for my Money Love Letters

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Wanna learn more about me?

  • I met my husband at a metal show while traveling in New Orleans. The band playing were called Goatwhore!

  • I am a tri-national and speak 3 languages fluently: Arabic, French, and English.

  • I love music! I am a massive fan of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, Lamb of God, The Jilted Irony, and anything with Layne Staley  & Mark Lanegen.

  • I currently live with my soulmates Tommy and Arby in New Mexico, and we plan on traveling the world together - stay tuned for our next destination!

  • I’m a Leo Virgo cuspie, and a 1/4 Manifesting Generator in Human Design.

  • I love red roses and prickly pear cacti, especially when they flower. 

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When I’m not coaching my 1:1 clients, or running The Money Sanctuary, I can be found sipping coffee while gazing at the stars early in the morning, or doing yoga and practicing handstands, or rocking out at a concert or circus show, or enjoying a hike with my friends.

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CREDENTIALS, cos why not?

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Thank you for taking the time to read my story..

Lots of love,
Nadine Zumot

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