Reach your financial goals
without compromising your creativity...

Craft a lifelong relationship with money that feels good for you, so you can do what your soul came here to do!

Welcome to The Money Sanctuary 

A gathering of creative minds, souls and energies

The Money Sanctuary is a platform designed to help creative, soul-driven individuals who, are making a difference in the world, build a healthy relationship with money, so they can bring their dreams and purpose to life without having to sacrifice their values and creativity

  • Do most conventional approaches to managing money feel like you have to suffocate your creative spirit or sacrifice your true desires?

  • Are you new to money work, feel overwhelmed and don't know where to begin?

  • Do you feel like when it comes to money, you experience a disconnection- You logically know what you should be doing, however you are blocked by forces unseen from acting on the knowledge that's inside your head?

  • Do you want to start healing your money blocks, learn new tools, and develop a healthier relationship with your finances?

  • Have you been working on your relationship with money for a while now (either with a coach, or on your own) and need to stay on track with the accountability and support of a community?

then you're in the right place!

This link will direct you to Teachable, which is the platform where The Money Sanctuary is hosted. 

What People Say about The Money Sanctuary


I am just blown away by the powerful discussion inside Nadine’s community, The Money Sanctuary. 

I was blown away by the vulnerability of the participants and the depth of the conversation, as Nadine led a powerful discussion on how our life experiences have informed our money blocks and how these are related to our money archetypes, and how all of this is connected to the boundaries that we do or don't have, or do or don't set for ourselves and others when it comes to finances. 

So if you are interested in learning about money in a more trauma-informed way, and just exploring money in a way that wasn't taught at school and is a little bit left of center, then I highly recommend joining The Money Sanctuary. This online community is special and will add so much value to your life! 

Lauryn Girgenti

Through recorded content and group coaching, The Money Sanctuary can help you manage your finances, meet your money goals, and build a healthier relationship without compromising your values, contorting yourself to fit into someone else’s rigid system, or taming your creative spirit.


As a member of the Money Sanctuary, you’ll be guided to create a relationship with money that fits your unique financial needs, boosts your confidence, and helps you bring your dreams to life without having to penny-pinch or compromise your values.

Your guide, Nadine Zumot, will help you move through both the practical (budgeting, saving, etc.) and the energetics (emotions, values, purpose, spiritual, etc.) of money to craft a lifelong relationship with money that works and feels good for you, so you can do what your soul came here to do.

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In the Money Sanctuary, you will:

The Money Sanctuary (2).png

Learn the Free Spirited Bucket System, Nadine’s take on the financial organization system that has helped countless clients save thousands of dollars and manifest every single dream and adventure into reality without the need to penny pinch and compromise their values. 

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The Money Sanctuary (2).png
The Money Sanctuary (2).png
The Money Sanctuary (2).png
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Tap into your Soul’s Desires and learn how to honor them through your money plan, no matter how ”out there” or illogical they might sound, so you don’t feel the need to compromise your curiosities and the things that light up your inner child due to lack of practicality. We don’t have time for boredom inside the Sanctuary

Align your money with your values using a simplified version of my signature exercise, The Values Assessment Purpose Map. This will act as your North Star, helping you overcome indecision, so you can make changes based on integrity and what really matters to you vs what you’re “supposed to do”.


Set effective financial boundaries that are tailored to your unique personality and lifestyle. This is an integral part that is often missing from building a healthy relationship with money from a place of empowerment, rather than a place of defensiveness, shame, and fear. 


Attend monthly Money Dates to learn new concepts that will help you build a sustainable plan for your money, and help you stay consistent and accountable. As a member, you will also get the chance to discuss any money blocks or challenges you may be facing and receive coaching from Nadine and support from the community, so you can start building and cultivating a stronger relationship with money that is infused with freedom and fulfillment.

You can attend live or watch the recordings.

Connect with other purpose-driven creative people who are healing their money wounds and bringing more of their soul’s desires to fruition without compromising their values. Walking this path together helps make it easier and more fun!

We meet on the second Wednesday of every month at 5 pm PST.

(recordings available if you cannot attend live!)


If you are ready to create financial wellness that helps you embody more enjoyment and fulfilment without compromising your integrity, values or spiritual path, you are invited to join the Money Sanctuary today!

You will also have access to:

  • On-demand workshops and recordings via Teachable. 

  • The opportunity to participate in all future monthly workshops where you can be coached within the group by Nadine. 

  • Access to bonuses such as guest speakers, meditations, recommendations and more. 

This link will direct you to Teachable, which is the platform where The Money Sanctuary is hosted. 

This is not suited for people who:

  • Poo poo spirituality and the energetics of money 

  • Believe in strategy alone to fix their finances and relationship with money

  • Are not ready to dive deep into their psyche and examine their behaviors around money with curiosity and a gateway for deeper healing.

  • Are deeply triggered by money and need 1:1 support and attention (please apply to join my 1:1 program, Unblocking Abundance)

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 $499 USD

To opt out of The Money Sanctuary, you simply need to send me an email and I will cancel your autopay. T&C apply.

See you inside The Money Sanctuary!