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Are You Ready for the Biggest Change of Your Life?
I made a guide just for you! 

The Grand Exit

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The Grand Exit
Please don't leave your J-O-B without considering the steps and strategies in this workbook.

Before I go ahead, let me be clear about something here... 

No one is in the position to tell you when you should quit your job. Yeah not even your coach 😮


This is a highly personal and nuanced decision. Your decision to take the plunge would depends on many, many factors.

Unfortunately, these days I keep seeing ambitious go-getters, just like you,

leave without being fully prepared.

Helping my clients prepare their lives for such a sensitive transition is one of my specialties. And it is my honour to offer you this guide to summarise some key financial and money mindset considerations I strongly suggest you to explore before your Grand Exit!

This guide is perfect for you if:

  • You are ready to work in your business full time.

  • You are ready to take an honest look at your finances and money mindset and are ready for a change.

Please exit this page if:

  • You are after a cute guide that tells you to just follow your heart and the rest will follow (obviously I believe in that too, but how much more creative would you be if you were better prepared?!)

  • You hate your boss and think the entrepreneurial grass is greener (hint- you’re doing this for the wrong reasons, and no it's not greener, it's a different species of grass altogether!)

  • You think you are ready to quit just because you signed a couple of clients (hint- unresolved money blocks are gonna come bit you on the arse with every up-level and price increase!)

Still here? COOL! See you in there!

Watch Belinda's story on leaving her 9-5:

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