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The Holistic Money Healing Journey

with Nadine Zumot 

Onboarding Checklist

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CONGRATULATIONS on your commitment towards yourself and your growth!

I am both honored and excited to be your coach for the next months, guiding and walking alongside you through this period of learning, growth, self-discovery, and shedding what no longer serves. 


Money Coaching is a collaborative effort between you and me... Therefore, we need to make sure we have clear boundaries around the expectation of this partnership. This is to ensure the success of this partnership in a way that is both respectful and nourishing to all parties involved.


Therefore, my commitment to you includes:


● I will always believe in you and your ability to achieve your vision of success. Remember, I am your biggest cheerleader, always! I will hold your vision for you always, even at times where you might feel hopeless. 

● I will always openly share my knowledge and experience with you without any reservations. 

● You better be sure that I will also be the one giving you tough love when you need it.

● I will always act from a place of honesty, integrity and confidentiality with you. 

● You better believe that I will be challenging you to learn and grow. 

● But I will always be kind and patient with your progress. You will always have a safe place to express who you are.


In return, your commitment to me includes:

  • Remembering that you are here not because you are broken or need fixing, you are here to heal, practice compassion and learn more about yourself and how to better operate from a place of alignment to be the best version of yourself yet!

  • Practicing radical self acceptance and responsibility- this means you accept yourself and your situation as it is, without blame or shame, and you acknowledge your full responsibility in changing your situation. This means you refrain from blaming others (including yourself) for your circumstances. A true and lasting transformation lies in your ability to radically accept yourself and undertake full responsibility, reclaiming your power from the past. 

  • Understand that money wounds are rooted deep in decades of reinforcement. Healing them can take time, therefore this process may take longer than you prefer. 


  • Respecting that we might venture into some dark places together, and things might get a bit painful an confronting… but we only go  when it is necessary for your growth. We are digging for gold, not rummaging for dirt… therefore you allow yourself to rest and take naps, and offer yourself all the time and compassion you need to process and integrate.

  • You are responsible for your own results! All decisions made that are a direct and indirect result of this coaching program are your responsibility. This also means that you are responsible for your success!

  • Being open to receiving feedback.

  • Remember that you will get out what you put into this program. So I encourage you to ask questions, reach out via whatsapp or voxer when you feel you need to… and to be curious and examine any resistance you may feel towards the coaching, the pre-work or any material you receive. Sometimes, what we resist is exactly what we need to confront in order to move forward in life.

  • Pre-work: As part of our journey together, you will be required to complete your Money Bio, which is an account of your money memories outlined in chronological order, as per the detailed instructions you will receive.  This exercise will take time and a fair bit of energy, but it is a CRUCIAL step on your journey, it will profoundly help you heal and shift your relationship with money.  This exercise is due 72 hours before our first session together. It is important that you schedule your first session only after the exercise is complete and submitted. 

  • Reflection Forms: Throughout our time together, you will receive reflection and feedback forms. Please make sure those are completed as soon as they are received, as I am very intentional with when and why they are sent. 

  • Confidentiality: Oftentimes, I will share with you some personal stories or insights about my personal life and experiences. This self-disclosure will be in service of your own development, and I expect you to practice confidentiality with regards to my personal information and the vulnerabilities I share with you. 

  • Furthermore, I ask you to please refrain from sharing any of the information, worksheets or workbooks with your friends and family members, as what we do in our sessions is private and specific your situation, it is tailored to you and might not be applicable to others. I also ask this to be respectful to my other paying clients. 

Housekeeping Items:


  • Depending on the tier you selected, you are entitled to either 9 or 18x 60-90 minute session during the next 6 months.

  • Your 60 Minute sessions can be booked using this link:



  • I am available to you via email, whatsapp or voxer apps throughout the duration of our coaching relationship. Please choose either as a method of communication in between your sessions. My commitment to you is that I return messages within 48 hours (including holidays and weekends) . This resource is available to you for when you want to share things with me in between sessions. 

  • Here are my username for Voxer: Saveamillioncents.

  • For whatsapp, add me as a contact on your phone first, then you will find me on whatsapp. Nadine Zumot +1 505 508 6436


  • Please refrain from using your mobile phone or any forms of distractions throughout your session. We are here to utilise this time as efficiently as possible. 


  • Please refrain from showing up to our sessions under the influence of alcohol, weed, drugs or any mind-altering substances.


  • In cases where you need to change your appointment time, you may use the reschedule appointment link you will find in your confirmation email. Otherwise, you must notify me via email 24 hours in advance or your session will be forfeited.


  • Tardiness: I will dial into zoom and wait for a maximum of 10 minutes. If you do not show without prior notification by email, I will cancel the session and it will be counted as a missed meeting. If you are running late without notifying me, the late time will be counted towards the allocated coaching time.

  • The Client Folder on Google Drive is intended as a shared space between you, the Client and me, the Coach, this is where I will save session recording, workbooks, documents, homework, etc. You can access your Google Drive via your Client Portal, I will also provide you with the direct link to your Drive. 

Honored to be your guide on this sacred journey back to YOU!
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