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 Heal Your Money Wounds
Create Financial Freedom & Flow

Book A Session with Nadine Zumot

Somatic Practitioner, Certified Money Coach CMC ®️, Financial Coach, and Trauma of Money Certified Practitioner, SEP in training, 

✨ Receive personalized guidance for addressing and healing any deep seated beliefs about worthiness and abundance.

✨ Uncover unresolved money wounds and get a roadmap for healing them.

✨Learn practices to shift your money mindset from scarcity and negativity, to abundance and positivity.

✨ Receive motivation and accountability to get unstuck and build momentum towards a specific financial goal with clarity. 


A recording of this session will be provided within 48 hours. 



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Receive $100 off when booking your 1:1 Money Healing Sessions this month! 

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Even though it was a 30-minute session, I was very impressed by the depth of the talk we had, and by the number of things I learned and will learn by watching the recording again. I'm also amazed by the richness of the thoughts, ways, and methods you walked me through, in such a short time.

Très impressionnant!

Haifa Hassairi-Rieunier

In our time together, you will:​

  • Feel seen and heard in ways that you haven’t felt before, even in years of therapy.

  • Learn a system that offers a simple, yet potent way to identify and evaluate your financial behaviors. This will help you determine when you are acting out of emotions and self-sabotage, vs from a place of balance.

  • Be able to connect to how your money habits are deeply connected to your inner child and conditioning, and I will help you identify some of the emotional traumas & triggers you have around money, their origins,  and why you have them.

  • Pinpoint your money issues, gain insight into your repeating patterns and you will be given clear steps and guidance on how to start recognizing your unhealthy behaviors in your daily life and how to return to better alignment. 

  • Start looking at money in a different light, and learn how your most limiting behaviors, expressed through your most active archetypes, can become your personal shortcut for transformation. 

What people are saying about the Money Healing Sessions:

"I don’t even know where to begin. I had a Money Healing  Session with Nadine and I could not be more thankful that I did. 

I have had quite a few years of different bouts of counselling and I have never uncovered some of the traits and childhood issues that I did in my 30 min session with Nadine. 

She first explained the Archetypes, what they mean and how they affect our lives. Then we spoke through my results and how they affect me day to day. This is where we dug deeper into my childhood to decipher why I act the way I do. Finally, Nadine gave me actionable steps that I can take to get me more on the right track. 

Honestly, I cannot believe the value I got out of this session. From the start, Nadine made me feel comfortable sharing my story and reassured me that I wasn’t alone which was a huge comfort! This wasn’t just about money either, everything that was mentioned about my relationship with money related to other areas of my life and so this was so much deeper than that, which will hopefully help in my whole life along with money."


- Charlotte 

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"I reached out to Nadine after finally landing my dream job and finding myself frozen in fear all day that I would lose this job and the financial stability that I had so longed for. Within the first couple of minutes, Nadine saw through the facade that I had so long put up as an ambitious successful career woman when in fact I was still living my adulthood as a younger version of me who was accustomed to financial trauma and a chaotic relationship with money. Nadine immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable enough to tell her some of the things it's taken me years to discuss in therapy. I highly recommend Nadine as she is nonjudgmental, insightful, and extremely kind. I felt extremely seen and validated after my session. If you are anything like me who still has unknown blockages around money -- whether it is difficult for you to spend or money seems to disappear as quickly as it comes -- then I highly recommend a session with Nadine and giving your inner child the voice it desires and adult you the tools it needs to succeed."


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"Sometimes we need somebody else to provide us with an outside view of the patterns we play out in relation to our money archetypes and to gain the understanding of how we archetypes are there to protect us. We can’t always see our own wounds clearly, especially if they come from our childhood and other people in our family are still playing them out and telling us they are normal. Nadine has the intuition and knowledge to see where my money wounds were coming from, and that money wounds are there to protect me, and she was able to give me advice on where to start to work on them and embrace them rather than run from them, which already brings me more peace in relation to money."

- Rebecca

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"I learned how my feelings about money were impacting other areas of my life. This showed me how important it is to define my money values so I can live life the way I truly want

Nadine was incredibly kind while helping me understand not only my money archetypes but also my core values. We explored where I learned my archetypes and how I can get them in alignment to be in service to myself moving forward. I plan on using the materials we went over as a tool to break the patterns in my life!"


Nadine Zumot - Flowers & Leaves_Rose_edited_edited.png
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