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If MONEY blocks you from living your dream life, going on adventures, and reaching your potential...

I can help you find FREEDOM!
Experience Life to the Fullest...

Meet Nadine Zumot

Certified Money Coach, CMC ®️

Welcome, I'm Nadine! I help heart-led folks like you unleash their authenticity and live life according to their own rules! An aligned life that is founded on FREEDOM and your kickass values!


My approach is trauma-informed. I draw from my training, research, and experience in Behavioral Finance, Inner Child Healing, Nervous System Care+ Repair, Somatics, Personal Finance, and Accounting to help you dissolve your money blocks so you become UN-FREAKIN'-STOPPABLE!

I just KNOW that you are someone who is driven by growth and contribution!

You simply have this innate knowing deep in your intuition that you are here to make a difference in this world...

However... money might keep standing in the way of the freedom lifestyle you desire.

But it's not like you haven't tried!

You've probably spent a lot of time and energy on trying things like budgeting... Or you might have even tried a different approach using money mindset work, which works until it doesn’t… 😬 


The reason why the usual go-to's don't work for you is that you might have what I call a Money Wound, my friend!

Hello Hello!

A great way to uncover what’s at the root of your money blocks and learn the keys to healing is by taking

The Money Archetype Quiz

And when it comes to money blocks, I have some bad news, and some awesome news!

So when you have a money block, or a money wound, this means money triggers you into a state of survival.

What this means is that on a subconscious level, money triggers a fight, flight, freeze or fawn response in your nervous system, which can quite literally block you from thinking logically, and fully expressing yourself with authenticity and creativity, which makes you feel stuck, disempowered, and frustrated.

Some common symptoms of Money Wounds include:

  • Emotional spending.

  • Debt cycles.

  • Inability to hold onto money.

  • Having a scarcity mindset (no matter how much you earn!)

  • Fear of spending money OVER-saving (Yes, this could be quite problematic!)

  • Inability to face your finances. 

  • Underearning & earning plateaus.

  • Money anxiety and a persistent feeling that the other shoe is going to drop.

The Bad News is...

These behaviors occur below your consciousness, and they are a SYMPTOM, the physical manifestation of your unconscious beliefs about Money, which are rooted in your core wounds around safety, love, and self-worth.

In other words, you probably can't just "fix" this situation through a magic budget, more money mindset work or even a new set of affirmations. You will need some deeper work. 

The Awesome News is...

You're not alone! 

Yup! I've so been there.... and over the past 4 years, I have helped dozens of creative, Soul-led people just like you dissolve their money blocks and heal their wounds using my Money Healing Blueprint. 

During my time working with Nadine, I paid off $55,000 in debt!

But my biggest takeaway would be coming home to myself, leaning into who I am, what my heart and soul want to do, and trusting who I am and what I came here to do. I let go of toxic relationships, opened up to healing my inner child, and how my past trauma was having an effect on my life and my relationship with money.
My money mindset has completely shifted. I went from obsessing, stressing, and worrying about money to appreciating and valuing it for what it is. I have a healthier relationship with money now. 

Chelidha, 1:1 Client

My approach is Trauma-Informed, and I use a unique set of modalities, such as nervous system healing and repair, polyvagal theory, somatics, inner child healing, and archetypal work, blended with my extensive knowledge and experience in personal finances, inside my 1:1 coaching program, The Holistic Money Healing Journey, as well as inside my group coaching program, The Money Sanctuary. 

More awesome news?

You can start your healing journey today for FREE by diving into my Podcast! 

DSCN2900 copy_edited_edited.png
The Money Healing Podcast Cover.png

Money can hold us back from fully expressing ourselves and pursuing our dreams, especially for those of us who have a mission- an inner knowing that we are meant to change the world! 


Check out The Money Healing Podcast where you will enjoy honest conversations and gather some valuable tips on how to start healing your money wounds and unleash your innate intuitive powers, authenticity, and freedom!


My guests and I hold nothing back, sharing openly and honestly about what it takes to heal our individual and collective money wounds, and the amazing impacts this journey will have on your personal relationship to love, safety, self-worth & self-acceptance, pleasure, abundance, &purpose!






As featured on:
The Accrescent Podcast
The Inner Child Podcast 
The Empowered Curiosity Podcast

“Nadine is like an X-ray machine! She focuses on me and never coaches me from a “formula” perspective, everything is totally personalized. She has helped me improve my relationship with money, health, my physical environment, and my whole life, everything! Working with Nadine as my coach has been a great investment for me. It changed my life!”

-Alicia Lizarraga 1:1 Client

Wondering how you can work with me to start healing your Money Wounds?

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