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One-on-One Somatic Coaching &
Money Healing Sessions

Are you ready to begin a journey towards holistic well-being, integrating both the financial and personal aspects of your life?


In this collaborative healing journey, we will delve into the connection between your body, subconscious mind, childhood wounds, and financial behaviors, utilizing a blend of somatic experiencing, inner child healing, archetype work, and money-healing techniques.


I will support you as you identify, address, and integrate the somatic imprints and any unresolved emotions and beliefs related to money that might be impacting your financial decisions today. By incorporating somatic awareness, inner child healing, archetypal work, and practical financial strategies, our goal is to help you create a more sustainable and empowering relationship with your emotions, leading to an empowered relationship with your finances.


I am honored that you have chosen me as your guide! 

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Money Healing Single Sessions:
In this session, you will:

✨ Receive personalized guidance on shifting and healing your money wounds to fulfill your financial goals.

✨ Uncover your unconscious core money beliefs. and how your money personality could be blocking your abundance.

✨ Work on expanding and healing your nervous system so you can make financial decisions from empowerment and balance. 

✨ Or we can use our time together to plan and strategize a financial goal. 


A recording of this session will be provided within 48hrs. 

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