What is Financial Coaching?

A financial coach is someone that coaches you on the most effective tools and strategies to help you manage and save your hard earned money. A good financial coach will support you in leveraging your current lifestyle and habits to cultivate a healthy mindset around money in a way that uniquely fits your life style and goals. Practicing these habits over the course of your life time can result in tens and often hundreds of thousands of dollars saved. A financial coach will reconnect you with the ideal version of yourself, and help you get clear on your goals, your values and what you want most in your one precious life. While working with a financial coach, you will align your spending with your values, dreams and aspirations. 


Want to travel for months? Leave your 9-5? Start a business? Save for retirement? All the  above? I can help you create a customised plan that takes the confusion out of how much you need and how long it will take to reach your goals. I can then show you the quickest way to achieve these goals without feeling restricted and "on a budget".


Large financial goals don’t get accomplished by accident. They are the result of sticking to a plan, often for many years. The first three to six months of practicing a new financial plan tend to be the hardest because you're still working out the kinks and getting the plan to fit your ever changing life. Working with a financial coach during this crucial time can be the difference between accomplishing your goal in 1-5 years rather than 10-20. Your financial coach will offer you accountability, support and tailor made recommendations and information that will only propel you forwards towards your dreams. 


Some of the things I can help you with: 

  • Financial Clarity- Clarity on your numbers, your expenses, your goals, what your version of financial success looks like. 

  • Financial education around the best budgeting plan that is right for you.

  • Gaining clarity on YOUR vision of success and the ideal version of you. 

  • Exploring your short, medium and long term life goals and including them into your budget plan. 

  • Building daily, weekly and monthly money practices that are aligned with your lifestyle. 

  • Budget hacking to create more space. 

  • Financial organisation- bucket system.

  • Building your emergency fund. 

  • Debt Elimination and Debt Payoff Strategies.

  • How to fully commit to becoming debt free.

  • Debt Free Mentality

  • Strategies to remain debt free when debt is gone

  • How to use Credit Cards effectively

  • Diving Deeper into your Money Mindset and Money Story

  • Exploring how culture and religious beliefs affect our money story. 

  • Value Based Spending

  • Ways to optimize your money to support your vision and goals.

  • Including your values into your spending plan.

  • What enoughness and fulfillment looks to you.

  • How to save on grocery shopping in alignment with your budget and values.

  • How to budget for travel, quit your 9-5 and various other goals.