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   The Money Makeover Program

  • Learn the foundations of how to manage personal finance.

  • Receive a tailor made budget that is unique to You.

  • Learn how to afford the things you want.

  • Debt payoff strategies.

  • Learn how to be in control of Your financial life.

  • Learn financial organization

  • Learn how to manage variable income

  • Learn how to implement Value Based Spending.

  • Explore your Money Mindset and Money Block

  • and lots more!

The Money ​Makeover Program will help you go from feeling overwhelmed about your financial journey to being empowered and ready to take action.


You will learn how to apply the financial foundations to your personal situation. 


Together, we will focus on your goals through the creation of a financial roadmap, a personalized budget and you will get continuous support and guidance throughout the program.

This program consists of 6 customized one on one coaching calls with myself, Personal Finance Coach Nadine.

This program is perfect for you if :⁠

  • You are ready to take control on your financial life. ⁠

  • You want to learn how to effectively budget for your goals. ⁠

  • Want to plan for your financial future. ⁠

  • Need more structure with your spending and finances.

  • Dig into your money mindset and blockages. ⁠