FREEDOM is often on your mind

Freedom to travel, to explore, to savor life, and experience it to the fullest!

But then you think about money. 

Lemme take a wild guess…

Ugh! How heavy!

But it doesn’t have to be like that my friend!

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Money can be the vehicle that gets you closer to your passions, not a roadblock

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Rewire Your money mindset for a life of empowerment and adventure with 

Shake Your Money Maker

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Learn how to leverage money to discover more freedom, reach your highest potential and experience life to the fullest!

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You know you are meant for something more! 

You know you’re meant to live an outstanding life and create a unique impact in this world.

But… you feel blocked

You don’t know where to begin.


You see all these people around you just living the dream, creating wealth, daring to be different. 

You wonder if perhaps you are missing out on some big secret… or is it the money gene? Or it could be just that you are bad with money?!

Then you think... perhaps you just need a stricter budget to stick to so that you too can live the dream- save, travel, and be free to do whatever you want!


You are good for a while! A few weeks go by and you are totally killing it! 


But then you overspend. It’s like money slips right through your fingers as if it’s water.

Even though you are so good at telling yourself off, you just do it again! 


You’re in a never ending cycle of restriction, frustration, overspending, regret and self judgement.

And it just feels easier to give up trying! 

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Image by Abigail  Keenan
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“I am just so bad with money!”

Nope! My dear, you are not bad with money. Let me tell you where you are missing the mark...

To be Blunt, budgets SUCK.


Adventures, experiences + living life

is FUN!

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“I will be better next month!”

Despite what you’ve been taught,  winning the money and life game is NOT about following the budget!

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Becoming financially empowered does NOT mean depriving yourself of what you want and just hoarding… oops I mean saving it away….


Financial empowerment starts with making peace with your past, understanding your financial patterns and your unique money blocks.


But how does your past influence your relationship with money? Let me explain.


Your relationship with money started between the ages of 2 and 12. All the financial habits, money beliefs and behaviours are linked to your childhood.


What you know as money blocks, or limiting beliefs is not something your can chant affirmations to  rid yourself of. We need to take a deeper look into our past.

But with gentleness and compassion.


And this is why a budget on its own will never help you achieve longterm changes in your money habits.

It all begins in childhood. 

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But I wasn’t always like this…

In my mid-thirties, I thought I was living a happy life in Melbourne, Australia. I had a comfortable 9-5 financial job that paid all the bills and then some. I was busy with social activities like concerts and hobbies but I couldn’t help but notice that I was continuously planning my escape from the mundane because I was feeling unfulfilled. 


I was always rushing… escaping from my life because I never had the chance to fully enjoy the little things, to stop and savour life. I was stuck.


I was in a rat race of work, bills, sleep, and occasional vacation. Cue repeat.

So I coached myself to transition into a more fulfilling life. I implemented a simplistic, value based approach to my finances and things started transforming from there on. I noticed when I started to question the things I would normally do on autopilot. Even others started noticing,


One day, I stumbled upon an article that basically described my role and life passion as “Money Coaching”. I immediately enrolled in a mentorship course to further my education and got my Money Coaching Certification! And here I am! 


I’m living proof… that when you heal your money wounds and create a freedom-based plan, you make room to move forward in life because it excites and empowers you.

Does this sound familiar?

I will never forget the moment this all became crystal clear to me...It was my first day in New Orleans, Louisiana. The moment I got out of the taxi that dropped me off at the French Quarter, the aromas, the history, and the sounds took my breath away. But what struck me the most was how life was slower, and strangers took the time to get to say hello to you in the street, to stop and chat. People cared about the moment. It was obvious that community and every moment mattered to them. I was hooked! 


Leaving New Orleans was so painful. I remember asking myself, “Is this really IT? Is this what life’s about?|

I knew I was meant for something bigger. I just knew that there has to be a better way to live my one precious life! 

And guess what??
Money does not have to be scary!

Money is a fun tool you can use to help you get to where you want to go! 

Money is an energy you can understand and work with so you can have the life you want.   A life that is abundant with adventure, travel, mindfulness, bold decisions, impact, the freedom to fulfill your dreams, follow your heart towards more purpose… the list is endless, because life is just a series of endless possibilities when you can release the things that are in your way. 

Money can be easy and fun if you know how to align it with your values!

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I’m Here to Remind You…
You Can Have It ALL! 

I know it may seem hard when you feel stuck. The good news is that it’s 100% possible. 

Now, I’d like you to imagine…

  • You make bold life decisions

  • You can travel on a whim

  • You experience inner peace- Peace with your past, rooted in the present and excited about what the future holds. 

  • You are open, receptive and EXCITED about the unknown

  • Feeling financially confident and having a money plan that EXCITES you!

  • Getting to explore and perhaps live in far away countries and cultures.

  • You quit your draining job and create an income on your terms.

  • You are clear on your life purpose and how you can utilise your uniqueness to serve and create an impact.

  • You inspire others around you to take action and follow their own dreams.

Image by Wan San Yip

"Honestly, it's the best thing I ever did for myself in so many ways. Nadine gave me confidence in my spending, she helped change my mindset about money, she helped me with my freedom, my freedom budget, she helped me quit my nine to five a lot quicker than I thought I would.

She gave me more clarity on my spending and she helped pivot my finances. I can happily say today I am no longer in my toxic nine to five. I'm beginning my career as an entrepreneur, starting my own business.

And I really have to thank Nadine for that."

Belinda Sanmiguel- Chicago

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Nice to meet you.

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i am
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I’m a Certified Money Coach CMC®️ with a passion for helping you become better aligned with your Life's Purpose, and a mission to help you heal your relationship with money, because you deserve to follow your heart and live your life to the fullest! I created this coaching program because I want to help you feel more confident and empowered with your life choices and be able follow your Soul's Desires! 


I believe that by pursuing our dreams and following our intuitions towards our purpose, the world will become a better place! And one of the limiting factors to a lifestyle lead by our Soul is money.

So I created this coaching program to help you renew your relationship with money, make peace with your past and create an aligned action plan for your life. 

I support my clients through a uniquely designed approach, to consciously align with their life's purpose.


I do that through healing your relationship with money, clearing away limiting beliefs and patterns, so you can fully step into who you really are.

On this journey, you and I co-create an empowering plan for your growth and evolution. 

Together we pave the path to more purpose, adventure, freedom, and yes, even wealth! 

There is no size fits all! 

My coaching method is about holding you accountable to your highest self! Who you really are regardless of the self doubt and self sabotage that we all do. 

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As Your Coach…

I help you understand the energy of money to see where you are blocked, so you can understand and become more present to your patterns around money and finances. 

I help you uncover exactly what you want to create for yourself when it comes to money .Then, I help you uncover what is getting in your way (money blocks) and then I support you to create a plan to get you to your goal.

I do not believe in superficial change. I believe... 

  • That a full transformation is, from the inside out. 

  • Our external reality is a reflection of our internal world and the way we feel about ourselves

  • How you do one thing, is how you do everything! Yes- this includes how you feel and behave around money! 

  • Vulnerability and forgiveness are the keys to transformation. 

  • Doing the work- the deep internal shadow work in order to move past our limitations. 

Once we understand what limiting beliefs you hold about money and their origins, we will be able to create a sustainable action plan for your money and life. This is based on your personality, your past conditioning, plus your natural strengths and weaknesses to ultimately align with your life vision and desires. 

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Image by Wan San Yip

If we are to heal our relationship with money, we must learn to embrace its shadow as well as its light. For money is but a mirror that reflects the energy of its beholder. 

Deborah Price- Money Magic


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Shake Your Money Maker is all about self discovery!

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This program is not just about the money, this is a journey that is about your transformation. 

This is an exciting journey of self discovery!


In this program, you will understand how your past influences your decisions and relationship with money. Together, we’ll shed light on your money fears and how to face them and even leverage them to your own advantage!


We look at your strengths and weaknesses, and we will create a freedom based plan for you that HONORS you, not restricts you. 


This plan will honour your goals, motivate you, and help transform you into a more confident and empowered version of you who has the power the manifest what you desire

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What Shake Your Money Maker program looks like:

In this intimate program, we commit to working together for a period of 6 months on a weekly or fortnightly basis.  You will receive 18 x 60 minute private sessions via Zoom that you can schedule during the 6-month program.

We will stay connected between sessions via Voxer or Whatsapp for both text and voice messages to receive real time coaching, support, and accountability check ins.

You will have access to all session recordings and coursework via your client portal and Google Drive. 

Here’s a sneak peek of the Shake Your Money Maker program

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This program is divided into 3 phases

Together, we will look at where you are now- your situation and your money mindset. We will take a close look at your values, your life vision and goals. We will explore what sets your heart and soul on fire, and what you value and believe in the most. 

We will take a close look at your personal money history, your childhood, your family of origin, and what you learned about money during your formative years. This is where we dig for gold to help you understand how the way you grew up influenced your relationship with money and finances. This phase is very exciting as it is filled with many breakthroughs and ‘aha’ moments! It will provide us with an understanding of your ingrained money patterns and behaviours. 


We will also look at how you tend to subconsciously self-sabotage and shed light on the why behind the choices you make. We will begin releasing clearing old money energy and the energy of past financial patterns. 


We will have a clear picture of your triggers, your money shadows and saboteurs, and what patterns you will need to unlearn or tweak. 

In Phase 2, we will also be looking at your money archetypes and determining what is driving and fueling your financial decisions. 

Money Archetypes is one of the many tools I use in my coaching program. It’s so powerful that it can shed light on your and others' patterns.

Money Archetypes help us connect the dots, understand ourselves, and our subconscious patterns around money on a  much deeper level. 

This work will help us move forward into the next phase of this program:

In this phase, I will provide more guidance and accountability as we dive deep into Money Shadow Work. We will create an action plan to help you connect with your authentic self and life purpose. You will attain a better connection with  your inner wisdom, which will transform you into a money warrior magician! 


This entire process is a collaboration between yourself and I, as your coach. We will navigate our way through these deep waters together, with compassion, loving kindness and a clear roadmap. 


This third phase is all about helping you move forward! This phase is both practical and spiritual in nature. We will work on aligning your practical side with your higher self and purpose.


We will put the breakthroughs and insights gained in Phase II into action so you can make real, transformational progress! We’ll create strategies to understand and overcome your money shadows, and work on strengthening the Warrior Magician archetypes within you so you can conquer your inner and outer world. You will feel empowered and gain much financial confidence. 


We will also explore what fulfilment means and looks like to you, as true fulfilment can only be experienced internally.  We will work on helping you build a deep and healthy connection with yourself and your life purpose. You will receive guidance and encouragement in developing your self-awareness so you can clearly see who you truly are. You will recognize your own uniqueness and the gifts you possess. We will set you on the right path, build you a sturdy yet flexible gameplan, and prepare you to receive abundance and prosperity. 

Your inner world and outer world will be in harmony. After this phase, Clients have reported feeling lighter, prouder and happier. You will also begin enjoying an improved relationship with yourself and others. Together we will celebrate your achievements and get clear on your life purpose. You will have clarity, peace of mind and an empowering action plan and road map so you can get the most out of your money and your life. 

This program will transform your life!

I highly encourage you to join me if: 

  • You are hungry to live life to the fullest!

  • You know you are here to serve a purpose, to create an impact in this lifetime! 

  • You crave the freedom to pursue your heart's desires.

  • You want more flexibility, you crave travel, adventures and to see the world!

  • You want to become financially empowered and release money blocks permanently. 

  • You are ready to do the work! You know that deep, transformative work requires dedication, self awareness and vulnerability and you are all for it! 

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But...this isn’t for you if...

  • You want to only work on the practical side of money. 

  • If money to you is just about numbers and balancing the check book.

  • You’re not ready to do the inner work

  • You want a quick done-for-you solutions.

  • You are not yet ready to make peace with your past. 

  • Money and Spirituality don't blend for you and you are not prepared to dive into your spiritual side and apply it to your money mindset.

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So, with that being said…
Are you ready to Shake Things Up????

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