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If MONEY blocks you from your full potential, I can help you find FREEDOM

Dear one,

I know that you know you are meant for more...

I know how you crave more freedom and adventure. You are aching to express your Soul's Purpose.

You no longer want to feel anxious or conflicted around money. You are ready to disentangle the anxiety & the scarcity mindset that's holding you hostage from living authentically. 

I see you, I feel you. I am here for you. 

Together, we rise and reach for the stars 💫

Unresolved childhood wounds have much more to do with your finances than you think! 


  • If you are someone who has tried but consistently struggles with saving money & sticking to a budget.

  • If you are someone who goes into a panic, or freezes every time you try looking at your finances, so you avoid thinking about money.

  • If  you are someone who is an emotional spender, or ...

  • You are someone who over-saves or penny pinches in a way that makes you feel held back from fully enjoying & embracing life.

  • If you tried talk therapy and “money mindset work” and it really never worked for you. Even though you might feel good & empowered during sessions, you fall back into old habits and behaviors as soon as real life kicks in. 

  • If you struggle with implementation, meaning you know a lot about what to do with money, but don't see the results you want to see ...

You might have even done a tonne of work on yourself, but money is the elephant in the room that you are yet to address, but you are too scared to do it alone....


Then you might have some underlying money wounds. 


A great place to start is the Money Archetype Quiz. 

Money Archetypes are one of the tools I use in my coaching curriculum.

The quiz results will help you better understand your relationship with money, and can even reveal the beliefs and conditioning that are unconsciously running your finances!

“Nadine is like an X-ray machine! She focuses on me and never coaches me from a “formula” perspective, everything is totally personalized. She has helped me improve my relationship with money, health, my physical environment, and my whole life, everything! Working with Nadine as my coach has been a great investment for me. It changed my life!”

-Alicia Lizarraga

(1:1 Client, The Holistic Money Healing Journey)

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Hey there!

i am

Nadine Zumot

Money and Soul Purpose Coach

Creator of Beyond the Fear Podcast and 

The Money Sanctuary 

Through trauma healing, inner child work and my intuitive channel, I guide spiritual seekers and creatives as they navigate a new paradigm where shadow aspects and childhood wounds are integrated, empowering them to create a life that is aligned and full of purpose.

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Through my Archetype Session with Nadine, I was able to connect to some of the emotional traumas & triggers I had around money. I also learned that when it came to my budget my main struggle is that of organization. Nadine was a safe and supportive person to help me face my finances, which seemed too scary to face alone.

Looking forward to looking at money in a new light!

Marie Corwin

Free Coaching Opportunity:

Fill out this survey for a chance to receive free trauma-informed coaching from Nadine. If you’re selected, you’ll have a 1:1 call where she’ll ask you about 30 minutes of questions and then give you about 30 minutes of free coaching. 

How you can work with me to start healing your Money Wounds:


The Money Sanctuary has been a wonderful, encouraging community of people who are dedicated to growth. One of the many bombshells I've learned is that EVERYTHING is connected, healing is non-linear and no one can heal alone.

TMS is a safe space to take a look at yourself and begin your healing journey. 

Abie Arbor- Actress & Writer

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