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but ...

You continue to feel anxious about money...

And you are constantly wait for the other shoe to drop...

You find yourself cycling between saving money then mindless spending it?

You stifle any dream because it feels big and expensive?

You freak out about making the “wrong” decisions when it comes to money?

You feel like no matter how hard you work, you will never earn enough to live comfortably and

do what you REALLY want to do with your life?

If this describes you, then perhaps I can help! 

The Holistic Money Healing Journey


is  1:1 coaching program with Somatic Practitioner and Holistic Money Coach, Nadine Zumot,

that is designed to help you become financially confident and build wealth and abundance through healing your money wounds!

All done through a nervous system–focused approach and healing your core childhood wounds.

I Am No Longer Scared of Money!

And I no longer need to keep spending it to feel worthy of it like I used to!!

Now, I control it more than it controls me. I'm not trying to keep up with everyone else or overcompensate with generosity.

Nadine and I set up money buckets which helped me with being organized and clear every month.

I have a bucket for bills/groceries and then weekly money for spending on treats/events/dinners/drinks. This means everything is accounted for and I don't feel bad when I want to catch an uber or feel bad and guilty when I go out to have fun or travel.


Since this 1:1 program, I'm less stressed! Less worried. More focused. More accepting of who i am, what makes me me, what I care about, and what I value.


I know I value eating out and socialising. So I have money for that. So I do it without guilt or needing to change who I am! I know I value seeing live music. So I have money for that. I have been putting extra away for retirement and savings. I try to not beat myself up if I fall off plan, I just readjust and carry on!

 ❤️ Lauren Smith

Money wounds can manifest in your life as overspending, or feeling anxiety and scarcity no matter how much money you make, or how much you have in the bank.


You Money Wounds are the deep reason why you might feel unworthy and feeling like you must always be on guard, waiting for "the other shoe to drop".


In some cases, I see money wounds manifest as financial avoidance, or the opposite, where you find yourself obsessing over your finances, wanting to save every dollar, and self-criticising when you deviate from your budget. 

There is no need to feel ashamed, or alone. We all have money wounds.


The source of your money wounds is your childhood

Even if you've had enough when you were growing up, money wounds can stem emotional wounds that have seem to have nothing to do with money.

Ever been bullied at school? Ever felt like everyone else has better things than you? Did you have to get the best grades to receive appreciation and love at home? Were you expected to be responsible for your siblings as a child?

All these have been the root of money wounds for a multidude of clients that I have helped over the years. 

As a child, you absorb nonverbal cues from your environment. These cues, along with your attachment wounds and other factors (cultural, racial, political, and economic to name a few) form your core wounds.

Your core beliefs are shaped by the unique blend of your past experiences, your personality, what you received and didn't receive in childhood, and your wounds. Your beliefs form the basis of your emotional blueprint. And your emotions influence your relationships, actions, behaviors, and the way you view the world. 

Your core beliefs are the foundations of all your relationships, including your relationship with money! Money wounds are not always related to your financial circumstances. Money wounds are basically the reflection of your childhood wounds on your relationship with money. 

With money wounds,  following a budget, or doing money mindset work is not enough to help you heal the persistent patterns that keep you stuck and hold you back.


"I have had quite a few years of different bouts of counselling throughout the years, but I have never uncovered some of the traits and childhood issues that I uncovered within 45 mins with Nadine!"
- Charlotte Napper, recipient of a 45 min Clarity Session

On this 1:1 Journey:

  • You will gain an in-depth understanding of your Money Wounds, and the unique combination of your past experiences, cultural, generational, and childhood trauma that influence your beliefs about yourself, your lovability, and your worth, and how they manifest in your relationship with money.

  • You will uncover exactly why & how your subconscious is keeping you stuck. This clarity will facilitate building healthier patterns & practices around money and your finances. 

  • By doing this work, you will heal the underlying wounds, which will deepen your intimacy with yourself and you will become very clear on your values, and how they are intertwined with your money and your life's purpose.

  • You will learn to identify the language of your Nervous System, and you will learn how to heal it from scarcity and reshape it to hold in wealth and abundance. 

  • You will learn how to regulate your emotions so you are no longer acting emotionally or impulsively with money.  

  • You will learn how to build more body and nervous system awareness, this will help you respond to triggers, conflicts, or blocks that come up around money. You will also learn how to reparent your inner child, along with many other valuable self-coaching tools which you will use daily to better take care of yourself. 

  • You will learn how to create a nourishing, customized plan for your finances. Money will no longer feel scary.  Instead of holding you back, money becomes your friend and ally on your journey towards freedom and a truly satisfying life.

If this sounds good to you, I would love to invite you to book a no-pressure call to chat about your finances!

I used to have really bad financial anxiety. 


And it didn’t matter how much money I made, I was always anxious.


Making more money only amplified my anxiety, and my scarcity mentality was secretly running the show no matter what my savings account looked like. 


Even while making the best money of my life, I was skimping on my self-care. I would only buy the cheapest clothes and I nickel and dimed myself at the supermarket, and chose the cheapest thing on the menu when eating out.


Later, this behavior affected my relationship with my partner as I criticized his financial choices and got frustrated if he deviated from our shopping list, or our restaurant budget even by a few dollars. 


Worst of all, money kept me feeling small, burdened and frustrated.

It was BAD, I felt so stuck...

& nothing helped.

Not more money, not passive income... Budgets made things worse, and even my top-notch therapist, coaches, and mentors only offered temporary relief from my deep money wounds and my lack of purpose. 

And when it comes to money and the coaching industry, most programs and financial advice are missing the point!

They are trying to solve the wrong problem. 

They are merely addressing the SYMPTOMS, not the root cause of our financial issues. 


Spoiler alert: Your financial anxiety, your overspending, your inability to get out of debt, your feelings of there will never be enough money... they are all symptoms of deeper conditioning.


And let me tell you another thing I learned from my 40 years on Earth:


Security and purpose don't come from material accomplishments alone. 

They come from feeling safe in your nervous system. 


Your nervous system is holding onto unconscious patterns trying to protect you in ways you don't need to be protected. 


My unconscious patterns were buried deep, yet they were secretly running my life, sabotaging my finances, and holding me back from embodying my purpose. 


It wasn’t until I dove into healing my inner child and my wounding around attachment did I FINALLY start seeing some real change within myself. 


And as a result of healing, my life started to change. I no longer feel financially anxious. I no longer hoard money in an unhealthy way, I am no longer stingy with myself, I order whatever I want when we eat out, and I even enjoy paying the entire bill when out with friends. Generosity became second nature, we travel constantly and my net worth keeps growing. 


I find myself able to relax and trust, which makes me a natural magnet to people, money, and wonderful opportunities that help me fully embrace my life’s purpose.

My quest for healing my deep-rooted money wounds which, at times felt unsurmountable, has deepened my capacity to hold a sacred space for those who want the same: to live a full life led by freedom and passion. 


I have since developed a very unique approach to money healing which has successfully helped dozens of clients heal, creating results and transformations that even blow my own mind!

Here's what some of my lovely clients have to say...


If this feel like a giant YES from you, then let's chat!

On this Holistic Money Healing Journey you will receive:

  • Private coaching sessions with Coach Nadine, conducted via Zoom. You will receive all call recordings. Number of sessions depends on the package you choose (6 months, or 3 months).

  • Customized 1:1 support that is designed just for you. I don't believe in a one size fits all when it comes to healing our money wounds.

  • A Value Based Spending workbook that you can use for your own annual assessment.

  • An optional budget assessment and review.

  • Exercises and homework that will invite you to dive deep to retrieve the origins of your subconscious patterns around money, this is to facilitate your healing process, saving you years of searching through personal development and talk therapy.

  • Access to me via Voxer or Whatsapp instant messenger in between sessions when needed. 

Investment is $6,000 USD for the 6-month program

or $3,750 USD for the 3-month program

  Payment Plans are available. 

Before you apply, please note that this is NOT for people who:

  • Want to be told how to spend their money, or want to only learn how to save and budget. This is a healing journey designed for those who want to heal childhood wounds, find deeper fulfillment,  and embody their Life's Purpose.

  • Don’t have the capacity to go deep right now, and that's ok. 

  • Just want to pay off debt and not heal the reasons why they got into debt.

  • Just want to save money and not heal the reason why they can't hold onto money in the first place. 

  • Expect easy and quick surface-level solutions like mindset work to heal their money blocks, they might provide a superficial change but mindset work will not create a deep, life-changing transformation. 

  • Want someone else to do the work for them. 

  • Not ready to look at the impacts of childhood wounds and generational trauma on their present relationship with money. 

  • Poo-poo meditation and energetics. This container is designed to help you heal at the Soul level. 



Money wounds are rooted deep in decades of reinforcement. Healing them can take time.


On our initial journey together, we will lay the foundations for healing these money wounds. Based on your history, you may require additional 1:1 support to experience big shifts.


There is an option to continue receiving support focused specifically on healing the core wounds we identified during the Holistic Money Healing Journey.

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Interested but not sure yet?

Then I invite you to book a Clarity Session with me. 


In this 45-minute session, I will be able to help you identify the money blocks keeping you stuck by using your Money Archetype Quiz results.

You will also receive intuitive guidance & coaching through some of your money blocks & limiting beliefs, with an action plan delivered verbally. 

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